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Organic VS. Natural Search in Sri Lanka

Integrity Of Natural Search

Search engines in Sri Lanka want to maintain the integrity of natural or organic search. This is to assure the public that Websites in their indexes are there ranked solely on their merit rather than some artificially altered means. The more relevant the content and structure of the Website for a subject, the higher it will rank in the search engine.

Search Engine Algorithms

To discourage any tricks or gimmicks to gain an unfair advantage, the search engines use a battery of methods. Search engine algorithms (set of rules) are kept under strict secrecy and only snippets of the information are expressed or disclosed. These same algorithms are being improved and worked on continuously to prevent ticking by unscrupulous individuals.

The algorithms are also manipulated at intervals and the ranking factors changed in importance. This can occur. What was considered an important algorithm factor one day may not be the next? This oft times causes changes in the ranking of Websites and most fluctuate. Google is said to have over 100 ranking factors in their algorithm.

Ever Changing

Good search engine optimization requires daily Website monitoring and continuing adjustment to combat changing factors. No one knows when the search engines change their algorithm’s factors. Search engine optimization experts, must first recognize that a change has taken place. Second, they must know the change, and lastly figure out what is required to maintain or improve the Website’s ranking. They then must make the changes.

Search Strategy

They often consider search engine strategy the long-term plan, to get Websites to a high position in the search engine rankings and maintaining them there. A person who is not trained in search engine optimization should not try to do this task. It requires years of study and experimentation to learn the basics.

Most SEO experts are secretive with their knowledge. If everyone knew the “magic sauce”, the Internet, as we know it, would be in shambles. We believe search engines will remain the drivers of search for the near future. Until a better system comes along, search engine optimization will increase in importance.

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